Searching for the Next Big Gamer

byDavid Morse - Esports Producer, National Esports Association

The e-sports industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. That's right - multi BILLION dollar industry. One small problem - there's no easy and documented way to get into that industry. Unless you are already famous or have deep pockets, the chances of making it into the pro leagues for huge prizes are virtually zero.


We're trying to break through this invisible wall. The Next Big Gamer tournament is aimed to give everyone the opportunity to compete in a pro-level esports event, while doing some good in the world. How are we achieving this? We're running a national-scale Fortnite tournament that raises money for ArtsROC - a 501(c)(3) non profit. Participants register on one of the 5 donation levels, receiving perks for their donations. Players then compete for two days, playing Fortnite and reporting their scores. The first day is Qualifiers, and the second is the Finals. The winner will receive the Next Big Gamer Battle Royale trophy.


We're looking for the best Fortnite player that no one's ever heard of. We want to find that somebody who aspires to join the pro leagues, but has no access to the pro tournaments. We want to find the Next Big Gamer.


Gaming has been stigmatized as a major problem in children's lives - we want to turn this "problem" into an opportunity to help children succeed at what they love and are good at.

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