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The NEA's Fortnite Public League is open to everyone! Compete in tournaments for prizes and scrims matches for fun practice.

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Event Rules

Players must join NEA custom matchmaking lobbies at the appropriate time for games. Players attempting to join late forfeit that lobby and must wait for the next.

Custom matchmaking codes are not to be distributed to anyone other NEA-approved players. Should a lobby code be shared and unauthorized players join a lobby, the game scores will be tossed.

Players may not use any gameplay methods that give themselves or another player an unreasonable advantage over others (i.e. “hacks”, teaming, kill boosting, etc.).

Scores must be reported using the provided score reporting form by the time cutoff. Scores submitted via alternative means will not be counted.

Should a player disconnect from a match either intentionally or by accident, they must submit the score they believe they had at the time of the disconnection, to the best of their knowledge. Should a player not remember their score information, the NEA reserves the right to consider that game forfeit.

The NEA cannot provision for all scenarios, and should a scenario arise that may have a questionable disposition to the ruleset, the NEA Esports Producer reserves the right to make a judgement on spot. Such judgements are considered final.

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USB Headset
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