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National Esports Association

Collegiate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament Series

Official Ruleset


Last Updated: March 9, 2020


Unless otherwise stated for specific Smash Ultimate Tournament events, the following ruleset will be used:


Tournament Format

  • Team Format: Solos (1 player vs. 1 player)

  • Maximum Tournament Bracket Size: 32 players

  • Bracket Format: Single elimination w/ 3rd place decision match

  • All matches are best of 1, except finals which are best of 3

  • No ties – all games are decided by Sudden Death


Game Information

  • Game version: US Nintendo Switch, latest Super Smash Bros Ultimate update

  • Game settings: 3 stock, 5:00 game time, final smash meter off, damage handicap off, stage selection random (battlefield mode), items off, first to 1 win, stage morph off, stage hazards off, team attack on, launch rate 1.0x, underdog boost off, pausing off, score display off, damage percent show on, custom balance off, eco fighters separate, radar big

  • Allowed controllers: Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons (1 or 2), Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, Nintendo GameCube, PowerA GameCube-style controller

  • Players must bring own controller (the National Esports Association is not required to provide controllers, but may have an extra on-hand if needed)

  • Mii fighters: all move set combinations are legal

  • Amiibo’s are banned

  • Character selection: all characters legal – players must select same character throughout tournament (color changes are allowed). If a player selects “random player”, they must continue to select “random player” throughout the tournament

  • If a game ends in a self-destruct move, the results screen determines the winner

  • Name selection: players must use the same player name throughout the tournament. Players will have the opportunity to input their name and adjust move controls at least 30 minutes ahead of tournament start. Entered names must be approved by the National Esports Association prior to name entry. The National Esports Association will notify players in advance if names are not acceptable and will request they change their name

  • Players may only compete on NEA-supplied Nintendo Switch units


Player Conduct

  • Players are expected to conform to the National Esports Association’s policy of positive sportsmanship while in attendance at any National Esports Association event. As the National Esports Association live streams most tournaments on Mixer, players should assume their actions and words will be seen and heard by a worldwide audience. All actions by players must be in accordance with Mixer’s terms of service. Failure to abide by Mixer’s terms of service may result in ejection from the event and/or future National Esports Association events.

  • Players may not use exploits in Super Smash Bros Ultimate such as potential infinite combos. National Esports Association staff reserve the right to disqualify players seen using such tactics.


  • Should a player wish to dispute a match, the player must notify National Esports Association staff immediately after the game in question is complete.

  • A player dispute may only be made when a player has reasonable suspicion that another player is cheating, using game exploits, causing disruptions, distracting competing players, or doing something that could compromise or damage the integrity of the tournament, the National Esports Association and its partners/affiliates.

  • All decisions made by the National Esports Association are final.



While the National Esports Association makes the best possible effort to cover all aspects of Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournaments in this ruleset, it is understandable that not every situation can be anticipated. Should an undefined situation arise during a National Esports Association Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament, it will be up to the present National Esports Association staff to determine a fair resolution to the situation. This decision is final will be included in future ruleset updates.



For questions or concerns regarding this ruleset, please contact the National Esports Association Esports Producer, David Morse at